A Meeting of the Mind

by Instants

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Coming from Nova Labs October 17th, 2014!


released October 17, 2014

Produced, Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Joshua Putney

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys and Drum Programming - Joshua Putney Vocals - Kristen Putney
Additional instrumentation -
Nels Dovre - Cello
Julia Immel - Viola
Darren Matthews - Slide Guitar
Ryan Lombard - Organ and Guitar

Artwork and Design by: Scarlett Alexandra Putney and Matthew Dake



all rights reserved


Instants Des Moines, Iowa

Instants is an electronic/rock husband and wife duo from Des Moines, IA. This is what Joshua and Kristen Putney do when in their spare time from their mother project, Diamonds for Eyes.

Their upcoming album, A Meeting of the Mind, which is the first work of fiction they have ever produced, is scheduled for a double release early next spring alongside the new Diamonds for Eyes album on Nova Labs.
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Track Name: So in Love With Me
A silouhette has never seemed so perfect, dancing in the moonlight to the sound of the ocean
As the tide rolls in

The combination to the locks not working, I stare into the mirror and the room starts spinning around
as I breathe in and out

So I wrote it down on a napkin corner, folded it up and put it in my pocket
Never let our secret back out

Don't apologize to me for something, you never even understood to start with
Or I swear you won't be seeing me around

Don't make me hold you down

And tell you what it is I love about the way you look at me
Whenever you decide to love me back I'll be waiting here you see

If you could only see what I see
Two paths crossing but the moment is so brief

That you're bound to miss the beauty if you blink

Where has it gone, I can't believe
Something this magical could come from in me
I could have sworn you were falling for me
You were falling for me

And no one will believe me when I say this but I know you're out there somewhere just
Saving all of your lovin for me

So I continue on this path just searching, never realizing my true potential
Until I woke up this morning

Its all a metaphor for something bigger
I keep my eyes peeled so as not to miss it
I'm terrified and in disbelief

How many times can one man be deceived I
never noticed it until I opened my eyes
Oh How much time I've wasted underneath

The surface wondering

How I let my life just pass right through my fingertips in a daze
I swear the fortune teller left this part out, just took my money and lied to my face

And as I pass you on the sidewalk something in me starts to change
I know a love like this could never be as big of a mistake
As the one I would have made if I had just turned and walked the other way
Track Name: A Meeting of the Mind
Hey there, whats your name?
So nice to meet you
I kind of get the feeling that we've met before

Follow me back to my place in the city
I've got a view of it all and so much more

Well, déjà vu doesn't happen to me often
let me tell you when it does it really trips me out

I know I've seen you somewhere before but I can't put my finger on it
at the moment maybe I

Know in my heart that you're my one true love,
Thats the moment you looked in my eyes and said

Don't you think it might all be in your head
I don't remember seeing you before

But maybe, just maybe
Who knows since life's so strange and all

Then something comes over
me and I grab hold of your hand

Its almost like we joined as one that

Moment, sweet moment
Don't ever let it slip away
Lets hold it, forever

No one can take this love away from
Us I swear to you

Until the end I'll stay right by your side,
you'll never be alone again
Track Name: Sacred Sex Positions (A Goddess In Disguise)
Jagaduru taught me of karma
And how my etheric double
Would open like a lotus flower
But when I approached her
In my asrama
I didn’t notice it was really chittakasa

I taught myself the sandha bhasa
Let the tension in the room rise up
to meet my middle chakra

The truth
The rebirth
I see our souls bind

The madhyama became a mantra
Of mine you see
Mandalas start appearing right in
Front of my eyes like
A deity I've
Been searching for but until now I could not find

Until that moment
When my eyes unfocused
I may have never noticed
Our eternal closeness closing in on me

She’s my Goddess in disguise,
From her lips departs a nectar so divine
Its on the tip of my tounge,
In the dead of night I swear to God

She fucked the sun right from the sky
I swore the moon was in her eyes
It tore into me
My lord it soothed me

The truth
The death
of our minds
Track Name: Bad Bliss
I'm terrified of the future darlin'
But then again who knows maybe it all works out in the end
I place one foot right In front of the other
Til my stride takes over and the struggle is just a thing of the past

A thing of the past,
You've got to promise me you won't look back
Ever, and that wherever you go I go

In the heart of man there lies
So much more than has met your eyes

A glimpse is never enough
To hold forever is too much
I can't believe what was said
Did I invent this whole mess
Is this delusion or bliss
Or some cruel, sad, sick limerick
I know I stand here today
But have I been here before
I've seen that look on your face
I've heard that knock at the door
I called you up on the phone
It's not in service any more

Bad bliss won't you carry me home
buried deep within the marrow of my aching bones
It's times like these, I think I'd rather be alone

How many times must I tell you that without me your a sinking stone
Under the water
This is our future
Whether you want it or not
I'm here to tell you that you've got it bad

Bad bliss won't you carry me home
Bad bliss at the core of my bones
Bad bliss won't you carry me home
Bad bliss never leaves me alone
Track Name: Never Sever the Silver Cord
It's such a shame to see you wasting
Your talent instead of chasing
The dreams that you had
Before you slipped back towards the past

How the hell can you stand to face it
The mirror and your reflection
The bags underneath of your eyes
From all of the stressing

and no, you can't live a quiet life
It doesn't even matter how, hard it is you try
Its absurd, to think I could be your wife
Eternally bound as life just passes us by

The longer that you wait
the worse its going to get
I turn my back to walk the other way
Without any hesitation you just look at me and say….

Every body is moving at a rate I’m unaccustomed to
They say every man is his own worst enemy

Lets move to the country
A little house where you can love me
We’ll watch the sun rise and set
And write each other poetry

It will be so beautiful
To say the least
Often times I wonder if I love you more than you love me

But then I realize,
You wouldn’t be here
At all if you didn’t feel the same

I really hate to say this
But I think we’re on two different pages
I can’t stay forever
You know without you I’d die

Lets try not to get to comfy
Being together
Why? Don’t you love me?
I’ve literally told you hundreds of times

When its all said and done my dear
I can promise you
You won’t want me here

Sorry I, don’t understand
Don’t leave me hanging here
Track Name: The Conclusions that Define Us
Its times like these, I wish I could
Go back to the way, things used to be
And ever day and every night
I lie awake with you by my side

Coming to conclusions that would define us,
Set us apart from the way
That we are and the way that,
We were when times were easier on us

How much of this is real and what is not
I can’t tell but a lot of it could go either way
I know, its just a part of me that I’ve yet to kill

Please believe me if you give me one good reason
Not to trust you I will put an end to this all
Oh, I will put an end to this all

And I could not be better prepared for this heartache
Its all the same anymore

Love feels just like pain and my heart is the ocean
I tore out all of my veins
And I can only pray for the lord to lift this heavy weight

Cover up the lies that you told to yourself
When you still felt alive
Seeking out the truth only led me to you love
Tell me what have I done
To deserve this I was a good man

Until the day you arrived and then everything went South
Track Name: The Soul Slinger's Onager
As simple as it sounds it's getting harder by the second
Keeping you inside my web my grasp is slowly slipping
All the days that pass us by are slowly dying with us
Never saw this coming in a million years until it hit us

I pry open my lids and walls start to close in around me
Sorry I don't understand the point of being lonely
Carrying the weight of your mistakes upon my shoulders
Crying out at night for fear I might slip further under -

Neath the hypnosis that I planned for you I know
Timid eyes only mask little bits of the truth I hear
Harrowing howls from a reverb drenched room
That I locked from the outside to be close to you

Oh, how I'd die for a love that I could call true

If everyone I know decides to distance themselves further
from me than they have already I don't know if I would
Notice any difference at this point I swear that I don't
Even know my family in the way I long to know you

Heavy on my heart weighs what was once nothing I'd even
notice I could see it clear as day I wanted little
more than peace of mind to bind my being to the cosmos
Can't you feel the energy infecting all that is around us

shaking themselves to make our presence felt
Violent forces vibrating so low I could tell they were
Acting on instinct, when they climbed from the well
Where the wishes of lovers and liars had fell

To their resting place, final
Wasted days

Instantly I felt it creep up on me, woke me from my
Slumber, in the middle of the night I rolled right over
You were gone I couldn't understand why my heart felt so
hollow Suddenly the things I’ve always known I'm not so

sure of swallow down and harbor for a lifetime not even
an hour Senses fail me daily but this time I think I’ve
gone and done it Now I know I’ll be alone forever

Never felt this way before today I lived alone
before you I was always fine I loved myself and all of
those around me but all that I can see is crumbling
Heaven knows I’d sell my soul off piece by piece to find you breathing

Even if it means that I will be the flesh you sink your
teeth in when you’re hungry I will be the meal that feeds you
Words are only weapons when you use them without pure in -
tensions, Dialect encrypts the words that rearranged to form a message
Track Name: Waiting for a Midnight Call
I waited up by the telephone baby just hear your midnight call,
I sat alone for what seemed like years just counting cracks in the bedroom wall
Nothing in this whole wide world could break me down the way you do
Everyone says I’m as distant as I’ve ever been, Been pacing holes in my shoes

With nothing but the memory of you,
I hit the road not knowing what to do

And every mile that lies at my feet,
Every stranger that I meet
Every glance passed in between
Tells tales of terror I don’t know how to

Explain it darling, I’ve got chills running all down my spine
There’s a fire burning right behind my eyes

Follow the sound of my voice
In an instant you’ll find me
Prove that your love is still true

There are terrible forces at work,
Trying to keep us apart babe
Try not to let them succeed

After all this time I finally see
I have no control of my destiny

Still nothing could stop me I’m well on my way,
Whatever between us will quickly decay
I head towards the sunset, I’ll find you just wait,
I’d give up my life just to know that you were safe

Inside me, Hold on I’m starting to fade into black
Then I see you standing over me, I’m saved

It’s alright I’m right here
Reach out your hand
It will all be ok, the future is near
Track Name: Imagining a Future Without Her
As the moonlight leaks in through my eyelids
I can see it clearer than I ever have before
From the confines of my caved in love mine
Years slip through my fingers
I'm just etching out the days

Hearts were made to break
It's a feeling that I just can't shake

Lately I've been having fever dreams
Now I can see her nightmares play out on a movie screen
They've freed me from the chains I'm bound in
Sounding off the siren and running towards the top

Of the mountain where her footsteps just abruptly stop
And the choir only whispers to us who were not b

Because you ain't Jesus
You can't walk on water
You do not believe in
Anything at all

I have seen it in your eyes I know the weakness
Pleasing though it seemed at first now not at all

Creep out into the dark end of the hall
Sneak up on me from behind and watch me fall

Into the winter then
Came and went the summer
You rearranged the seasons
For no reason at all

And I got splinters, one after the other
Underneath my fingernails
from scratching at the walls

From scratching at the walls

Reason never had no meaning its just a ghost believe me
And I still can’t recall,
why I started bleeding from the lids of my eyes, carry out the plan
Without you noticing it all

In the future I won’t have to make this call
When you approach me on the street I won’t recall

Ever crossing paths or talking there for hours
Each drop of love is now just blood we've shed

Each drop of love we shared is now just blood we shed
Its pooling up outside our favorite restaurant
The church declared it all an act of God instead
I know you’re real, even if you’re only in my head
I know you’re real, At least more than a silhouette
Track Name: Say it Isn't So
This can't be happening, I know it isn't real
Because if it were then you would know my name by heart
And how did I get here, All I did was love
An angel from above I thought you were

And She Said….

And you, you can trust me
You don't have to be afraid
Follow me until the days outrun you

Why won't you listen, to what I have to say
Look in my eyes don't you recall the way we fell in love

Oh all of the decisions, we made have led us to
A point where we can chose one or the other
No not a chance in hell can, the both of us remain
You just keep causing so much pain to me I know now what to do

I'll keep my cool and follow through
You won't know a thing, I'll have you dangling by a string
Hanging over the fire

That I started to keep us warm
I built you shelter from thes storm
Its such a shame I never saw this coming
I just let you have your way
With the trinity I've come
To understand finally

Mind, body and soul
Which one are you today
I can't decide if I should stay Me or become you

I promise you'll miss me
You know you aren't yourself when you're without me
So give in and kiss me
Like your a man and not ashamed
I told you my love is not a game
You'll wish you had never played
(with my heart)…..